Puerto Rico lands in CDMX by the hand of WMF from April 22nd to 25th.

Puerto Rico's culture is a blend of different cultures from around the world that converged in the region throughout history. Rich history and culture, exceptional food and cocktails, pristine beaches, majestic mountains and experiences that nourish the body and soul, all in a sun-drenched Caribbean paradise. Puerto Rico is known as a warm, musical and colorful place.

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The dress code for this event is semi-formal attire. We want our guests to feel comfortable and elegant, so we recommend dressing up a bit but keeping it fun and festive. Think cocktail dresses and suits, but feel free to add your personal style!

No outside food or beverages are allowed at this event. We have carefully selected a selection of food and beverages for our guests to enjoy, and outside food or beverages may not meet our standards for safety and quality. But don't worry, we have many options available to satisfy any cravings or dietary restrictions.

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Event Details