Lucero López

Business Development Director
"A saint that is not seen is not worshipped…” or so does the saying go. And “A formidable service, with adorable details and experiences are the great differentiating factor in this sea of options”.

Known in the trade of meetings tourism as Lu López, she lets her passion loose: “Being in the midst of the industry and market the WMF”.

She has been able to experience the WMF as a Hosted Buyer and now, working at event marketing and organization, she finds it thrilling to be able to provide a great experience to her beloved Suppliers.

Joyful, ever-smiling, intense, perseverant, committed and with an unrelenting service attitude, she carries out her work within the WMF with ease, thereby contributing to the company’s attainment of goals.

Do what you Love and you'll always be happy.